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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Non-fiction review

The Major Forces Driving Humanity
By Steven Zecola
ISBN-10: 0977950913
Review by Heather Froeschl

The keyword in society these days is “change.” We want change in our economy, environment, employment and our future. Figuring out how to create positive change requires looking at the changes and complacency of the past. Steve Zecola provides his completed research on a number of topics and presents it in his latest book, “The Major Forces Driving Humanity.”

Four parts of the book break it up into “Progress up to the Late 1700’s,” “The Late 1700’s to the Present,” “Future Directions,” and “Bringing the Major Forces into Harmony.” In layman’s terms, he shows us the progress of humanity from the beginning of man’s reasoning, religion, and governing to the present, where we feel so desperate for change for the better. Where did we go wrong? What did we do right? What patterns can we avoid or alter?

Sociology classes would eat this book up; students of sociology in everyday form will enjoy the pondering and exploration. Society should pay heed to these lessons learned. The writing is full of advice and research, opinion and teachings. Steve’s voice is full of concern and care. His readers will find a message here regardless of whether the entire book is embraced or not.

What are the major forces driving societal change? What has been allowed to flourish by our very lack of understanding? Zecola explains and offers a comprehensive plan.

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