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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiction Anthology Review

Sin: A Deadly Anthology
ISBN-10: 0974793469
Review by Heather Froeschl

Sin: behavior that goes against the moral and religious norms. Sin: the topic of a captivating anthology. Like being drawn to watch a tragedy in progress, readers will be enticed to turn the pages, witnessing horrific moments of sin. From some of Chicago’s popular fiction authors, “Sin, A Deadly Anthology,” is gripping.

What could force a person to commit a sin? Love? Hate? Revenge? Insanity? When does an action become a sin? At the moment the idea hits the person? When they admit that it was wrong? Is sin in the eye of the beholder? Readers will have to decide for themselves as each story unfolds.

Sex, murder, and greed are all obvious sins, but when the circumstances are impossible, things can be seen in another light. Nothing is simply obvious. A story about a flood and a loving husband choked me with tears. Another that involved a demon had me pondering the legends I’ve grown up with. A tale of buried family memories inspired questions of what we are told in our youth and what we trust as adults. Each contribution to the book has a different feel but an underlying theme of encouraging contemplation on what is understood to be sin.

The writing is all tight and solid. Each author putting his or her own spin and finishing touches on the anthology. It is an intriguing read. Dare you be seen holding a book titled: Sin? It is well worth any stares you might receive.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Suspense Review

By Deborah Cannon
Review by Heather Froeschl

Archaeologist Jake Lalonde searches for the origins of the icon of the mythical raven, as depicted in an ancient carving off the coast of British Columbia. Haunting his dreams, his search finds him is so far from what is expected that it leaves him breathless and nearly distracted enough to forget a deadly threat to his and Angeline’s lives. Deborah Cannon brings legends into a new light in “Ravenstone,” the third in a series but also a stand alone novel.

Menacing messages appear on Angeline’s phone and the threat is all too real though some suspect she is imagining it. A past nemesis has returned to Angeline and Jake’s world. Once safely (not really) locked away, insanely rich Radisson again haunts their minds and hunts control over their souls. When Jake’s daughter’s presence is revealed and then threatened, action must be taken. But Angeline is already on her way to Lyell Island, and Jake is unsure of where they stand as a couple.

Danger is hidden along with the elusive answers to Jake’s questions. What seems innocent flirtation at first leads to deadly dancing with a past he had forgotten and a present situation he hadn’t been very aware of.

The writing is engaging and immerses the reader into the contrasting but beautiful locales of the coast of British Columbia and the coast of Lyell Island, a Polynesian paradise.

Digging into the habits and mindsets of archaeologists is interesting to witness, while the troublesome romance adds a delightful human interest quality to the tale. Danger, love, life, the past of characters and the subjects they study, and the possible futures of all involved wrap up into a well rounded story. Add the mystical quality of legends and you’ve got a memorable book. Not surprising coming from Deborah Cannon.