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Friday, February 15, 2002

Non-Fiction/Paranormal Review

True Mystic Experiences: Fascinating Real Life Stories of Spirits, Other Dimensions & Strange Phenomena
by Jennifer Spees
ISBN-10: 1567182623
Review by Heather Froeschl

From the files of FATE Magazine, the oldest of paranormal publications, comes this collection of True Mystic Experiences to set your mind aflame. I have personally always loved the "Believe it or Not" types of tales but have been on the skeptical side until recent years, and taken the stories with a grain of salt. However, this book, being from my favorite paranormal publisher, leaves no room for doubt in my mind. I know the practices of this publisher, being a writer who has submitted to them, and can attest to the fact that every story, such as these, is published only after the author has signed a sworn affidavit of its truth.

What a well-rounded collection is this! From guardian angels and premonitions of death, to psychic dreams and out of body experiences, there is something here to suit every curiosity. The stories come from everyday folks: soldiers at war, daughters in mourning, newlywed couples and more. Some are written in detailed prose, while others are more like a letter from home. But all exude a feeling of "Something wonderful and awesome has happened, and I was a witness to it."

Jennifer Spees has compiled a wonderful collection into chapters of the unexplainable. Whether you sit and read through it all on a rainy, snuggly weekend or savor it bit by bit in moments of peace, True Mystic Experiences will be a book you won't forget. The stories will haunt you and inspire you to look about for signs of your own mystic encounters. And what a wonderful thing to have happen!

Non-Fiction/Spirituality Review

Practical Guide To Past-Life Memories: Twelve Proven Methods
by Richard Webster
ISBN-10: 0738700770
Review by Heather Froeschl

Many people believe in reincarnation, myself included, but also, many are skeptics. Here is a chance for everyone to understand better those moments of dTja vu. Believers will have an easier time of it, but skeptics may just learn a little something along the way too, if not more so.

Richard Webster is a hypnotherapist and lecturer on many psychic topics. He is the author of over thirty books and is seen in many circles as a guru of the paranormal. In "Past-Life Memories" Richard gives us twelve proven methods of accessing the memories that are hidden in our brains.

By way of explanation of past life memories, the soul is a continuing energy that enters life again and again. We are here to learn lessons and to grow, but are usually without our memories of past lives so that these images do not interfere with what we are here to do. Certainly you may feel compelled to do certain things, such as staying far away from high places; perhaps in a past life you had fallen to your death from a cliff. But you may not understand your current fear of heights. By exploring your past life memories, you may be able to put those fears to rest and live happier in this life.

There are numerous methods of uncovering these memories, from dreaming of your past lives to scrying, hypnotherapy to spirit guide assistance, but since all of us are individuals, one method may work for some while it doesn't for others. Much like finding a comfortable position in which to sleep, you will need to try different things to see what works best for you, hence, Richard's twelve methods.

Mr. Webster has a wonderful voice in his works. He is knowledgeable and respected in his understanding of these topics; authoritative, yet he is gentle and convincing, a true teacher and guiding spirit. If you are interested in learning how to uncover your past life memories, this is the man you will want to learn from. The text is easy to understand and the lessons clearly written. I enjoyed reading the case histories that accompany each method of regression.

For anyone yearning to uncover the meaning behind an irrational fear, looking to see if their soulmate is involved in their current life, or wonders why they are drawn to certain places, this is the book to help you through it.