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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Non-Fiction Review

Reflections: Personalizing Life, Nature, Man and God
by Radenko Fanuka
ISBN-10: 1571973958
Review by Heather Froeschl

In a collection of essays that depict one man's philosophies on life, nature and his god, there are some simple truths that will apply to everyone who reads them. "Reflections: Personalizing Life, Nature Man and God," is an interesting book that reaches out to us all in effort to relay the lessons that author Radenko Fanuka has learned throughout his very interesting and full life.

Some of the essays left me a bit puzzled as to their point and meaning, while others were quite clear and concise and well understood. In particular, "How Could She Survive?" touched me deeply and demonstrated how simply one could live life and be quite happy in it, for it was about an elderly lady who loved her animals and lived off the land, alone and content. Another story that was touching was about another woman who endured being alone for her husband had gone off to America to earn a living. When he returned, he shunned her, not even knowing the person she had become due to her years of hard living.

Whether portraying a difficult life, or sharing a lesson learned at the side of his mother, the author has answered the call to write out his thoughts and ideals. With respect to his beliefs and hope for the world, he has put together a collection that will surely touch the lives and minds of many readers.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Fiction Review

A Clean Passing
by Donald Carte
ISBN-10: 0970497423
Review by Heather Froeschl

The world of business meets marriage-counseling 101, with a twist of mystery and suspense thrown in, in this book of multi-genres. Donald Carte has created a believable plot with likable characters and keeps the reader entertained throughout.

Big business sometimes means big scandals, if the plot of naughtiness is uncovered. When Mike Reynolds is hired on to an aggressive software company's sales team he is in for much more than he bargained for. The boost in salary and unbelievable benefits package is just the tip of the huge iceberg beneath the surface. Should a moral person turn a blind eye to the clearly unmoral goings on at his new place of employment? What harm could it do? A good deal unfortunately. Mike's old college buddy is brought into the picture and since he has been with the company for a number of years, he is shocked at Mike's findings.

Meanwhile, Mike and his wife Wendy are going through some marital changes. Having two kids has been a joy but something is missing in Wendy's life. Mike develops an understanding of this and the two work on their marriage together. Learning to see things from another perspective helps Mike out a good deal, in his partnership with Wendy and in his career, including the troubles he has at work.

Donald Carte knows the world of business and has a promising start in the realm of fiction writing. A handful of typos and misprints throughout the book do not detract from quality of writing here. A Clean Passing is a good read.