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Saturday, July 29, 2000

Cookbook Review

The Hot Sauce Bottle Cookbook ; Recipes that Sizzle - Sauces that Cook!
by Linda Matthie Jacobs
ISBN-10: 1894202708
Review by Heather Froeschl

The hottest little cookbook outside of Texas, "The Hot Sauce Bottle Cookbook" is full of recipes that sizzle and sauces that cook, but it also packs a punch full of interesting information. Did you know that chile peppers have been associated with cures that include lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and alleviating the discomfort of arthritis? You may have noticed that the sinuses open up when you are consuming a dish that includes chiles or hot sauces; this guide to the hot stuff will remind you of this proven beneficial effect the next time you have a cold.

So, why a cookbook on hot sauces? There has been a rise in consumer use and interest in the spicy concoctions and a hot trend has developed in collecting various types and brands of sauces. This book highlights ten companies and manufacturers, explaining how they came to be, what their inspirations are and gives us a glimpse into the magical mixes that fill the colorful bottles. Akin to an owners manual, the recipes included for each variety give you the best opportunities to use the flavors to their fullest potential.

A novice when it comes to heat in a bottle? No you will learn the differences in the four basic sauce styles, from Louisiana to Caribbean. You will be surprised in what kind of recipes can be enhanced by a drop or two of liquid pepper; from pancakes to ice cream, this guide will encourage you to take a chance and spice it up. You may be inspired to start collecting and get fired up with your cooking!

Cookbook Review

Light the Fire: Fiery Food With a Light New Attitude
Linda Matthie-Jacobs
ISBN-10: 1894202554
Review by Heather Froeschl

Now this is one hot little number of a cookbook. Wow! How can you omit salt, cut down on fat, yet increase taste in your meals? Spice it up! From soup to nuts - African Peanut Soup to Sherried Pine Nut Yogurt, here you can find recipes for appetizers all the way to lip smacking desserts!

Linda Matthie-Jacobs has created light fare dishes that pack a punch, sizzle and snap, and just plain leave you satisfied. You can tame the fire a bit, if need be, but you will certainly not be at a loss for something different to stir up at chow time.

I love the tidbits and trivia that are sprinkled throughout the book. I never would have thought of roasting watermelon seeds or that capsaicin (the chemical found in hot peppers) has been used medicinally for centuries. While you are stirring up a four course meal you can flip the pages and learn something new. Keep the water jug and a loaf of bread handy to put out the fire, and dig in!

Monday, July 10, 2000

Cookbook Review

Millennium Fruit Soup Cookbook
by David Woods
ISBN-10: 0595001823
review by Heather Froeschl

This book is a refreshing look at soup, and offers up a truly refreshing taste. Have you ever had the urge for something light but full of flavor? Something different but also a dish that you already have the ingredients for? I am certain that you can find the recipe that you are craving here. The Millennium Fruit Soup Cookbook offers a delectable variety of recipes that will tempt your tastebuds and pique your curiosity to try them. From the hearty, homey, apple stew to the heavenly ginger peach and cherry soup, there is a taste for everyone. Simple straightforward directions are so easy to follow that even children will enjoy creating these treats. What better way to get kids to eat their fruits and vegetables? And I promise you, that even the pickiest of eaters will dig in. This title is a must for any kitchen needing a little something special.