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Thursday, May 9, 2002

Fiction Review

Beneath A Mountain Moon
by Silver Ravenwolf
ISBN-10: 1567187226
Review by Heather Froeschl

In a classic battle between good and evil, I found "Beneath a Mountain Moon" to be a breath of fresh air in it's encompassing an exciting bit of fiction with a realistic use of positive witchcraft. Typically, fiction that involves the craft tends to run long on the dramatic, feeding on the media hype of green skinned witches and brewing cauldrons. This book, however, shatters the myths of media and while it does involve the spirit of a blue-faced hag, she does not cater to the typical by any means.

Elizabeyta is a modern heroin, who happens to be the destined savior of her covenstead. Blessed with the magickal heritage of her Scotch-Irish family, she returns to Whiskey Springs in search of the one who killed her grandmother. She knows it is not safe for her there, but discovers that she has inherited a dangerous, generations-old, battle between her family and one of dark powers.

With an interesting bit of past life influence, the characters are intertwined and lead a fateful existence as they struggle to discover who they are and how they can help each other. With the help of a local healer, a few family spirits and a deity or two, the reader is brought through many an exciting chapter and turn of events.

Silver Ravenwolf most certainly knows her facts, being the author of 16 other titles on, or about, witchcraft, not to mention being the Clan Head of the Black Forest Family that includes 15 covens in the United States. It is no wonder that this book demonstrates so many aspects of the craft, but is also very professionally written. The drama, horror and depth of feeling throughout the book make it a wonderful work of fiction.

For anyone looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, and positively bone-chilling at times, "Beneath a Mountain Moon" is the book for you.