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Friday, April 30, 2004

Fiction Review

by Rowan Lore
ISBN-10: 1593301340
Review by Heather Froeschl

People react to life's changes in various ways; some people will do anything to stay in control of those changes.

Demen couldn't find a magazine that offered her everything she was looking for, so she started her own. After eight years of making it work, hiring people and expanding to a successful level of publishing, Orange is on the verge of going national. Demen has made it to the big leagues. So why does her office door remain closed with a note posted to "Go ask Jack"? Jack has had all the answers for some time now, acting as the boss and running the show. Karyn, Demen's friend and the Fashion consultant for Orange is worrying over Demen's distancing from the business. Dollar, Demen's best guy friend, decides to take off to find himself on a cross country road trip. A new man enters Demen's life and she finds a new place to hang out and make friends. But why does it feel like she is being consumed by these new distractions? Why does it feel like her whole life is about to change?

Thirteen years ago Demen's parents were killed in an airplane crash. Her efforts at developing Orange were an attempt to take control of her life. Now, when the magazine is growing so rapidly, Demen is faced with the reality that she is about to jump into a race that she might lose. She contemplates walking away from it before it can crumble in her hands. Her best friend has gone and she fears that he may not return. She has pushed her girlfriend nearly out of her life. Demen is struggling to control her life's changes out of her fear of losing those things that are most dear to her. It is a struggle we all deal with in life.

Rowan Lore has written a story that will hit home with many readers. Her characters are vividly true to life and very interesting to get to know. Their nuances will bring a smile to your face or a nod to your head as you recognize the quirks of your own life. The plot is well done with a neatly wrapped up crescendo to bring home the pinnacle of the story. A handful of overlooked typos do little to distract the reader from a great book. I would watch for more from Rowan Lore...a promising author on the way to the big leagues.