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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Ficiton/Spiritual Review

Harvest of Illusion, a Spiritual Adventure
by George C. Wallach
ISBN-10: 0972898905
Review by Heather Froeschl

An amazing adventure is available to everyone; an example of which is the point of this book. Harvest of Illusion may help you to understand your own adventure a little better, or it may simply entertain you.

On the surface you will read about a time in the not too distant future on earth where the security of our knowledge is questioned and proved incomplete. Beginning with Mari who is seemingly abducted by aliens, only to learn that she has agreed to participate in inter-being propagation in a previous life. Don't run off screaming. The author is attempting to open the eyes of the reader through a fantasy, in the most gentle, unobtrusive way possible...the imagination. It is well done.

Mari's husband, Murph, is a psychologist who helps people who believe they have been visited by other beings. When his own wife turns to him and tells him that she has had her own very close encounter he grapples with his beliefs and his desire to know for sure if these things happen. He is given absolute proof when Xanthas, Mari's before unknown half other-being, half sister, is presented to him in need of discovering the E-gene...the ability to feel emotions. It doesn't hurt that her physical form is the ultimate in attractive, and Murph falls in love with her.

It eventually is realized that Mari has "cheated" on Murph in her procreation attempts with Jenoor, another alien being, resulting in Murph's realization and understanding that he is enduring this pain as a lesson he needs to learn, carrying over from his own previous lives. He is tempted to reciprocate with Xanthas, but if he does he will need to repeat this lesson in his next life. Is it worth it?

These beings are not truly aliens, but another life form, of earth. They have lived beneath the surface, and have coexisted on the planet unbeknownst to humans. It is time to reveal themselves, as there is great need to warn the humans of an impending extraterrestrial invasion by the Harvesters: a body of beings who planted the humans here to begin with, along with the gray, subsurface beings. Will the citizens of earth accept these gray Mantid beings as allies? Will the Harvesters reap what they sowed and consume the occupants of Earth?

There is more to the story. It goes much deeper than the fantasy, science fiction that it seems. The souls of the characters are not strangers to each other. They have been reincarnated time and again, together. They are helping each other with lessons in the classroom of life, in order for their souls to grow and graduate to the next levels. The story of the aliens is not the important part of this book; it is after all, all an illusion.

The underlying lessons are what makes it a must read. You will be guided through realizations about your own soul, your own journey. You will come to understand the truly non-fictional concept of the nature of the spirit, the purpose of being. You might come to realize the power of positive thought, or the process of mentally healing the physical body. You may understand the nature of death, or the meaning of life. You may see past all of that and understand the illusion of it all. In the process, you'll read an entertaining, if not enlightening, work of fiction.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Non-Fiction/Self Help Review

Seduce Me! How to Ignite Your Partner's Passion
by Darcy A. Cole
ISBN-10: 1581125917
Review by Heather Froeschl

Why does he fall asleep on the couch, rather than coming to bed? Why does she so often have a headache? What happened to the spark of electricity that was there when you just started seeing each other? Where is the passion?

It isn't really gone. It might be hidden under levels of stress or lost among the maddeningly packed calendar of events, but it can be re-sparked. The key is to look into the whys of the roadblocks to the bedroom. Clear those up and you will be free to proceed down the highway of intimacy again.

With a background in health care management and business consulting, it is clear that Darcy Cole is a problem solver who cares about the problem! Applying scientific research, anecdotal evidence and yes, personal experience to the development of "Seduce Me!", Darcy has completed a guide that offers advice and clear speaking factual information that answers the many questions we all have. Like "Why am I not in the mood?" and "How can I get my partner interested in sex again?"

With understanding of a roadblock we can plan to take a detour. Understanding a reluctance to release inhibitions is the answer to overcoming them. Men will come away knowing what a woman needs to get into the mood and women will understand what makes the male brain tick. You might learn something about yourself too!

Darcy clearly explains the differences in male and female arousal systems while providing keen insight to the mental beast as well. The mysteries are explained here. But that's not all! Darcy offers some remedies for those situations you have just learned about. She even gives a whole chapter of Seduction Scene Strategies and explains why they work. If all of that isn't enough for you, Ms. Cole offers a generous list of additional resources.

This title should be a mandatory gift for every wedding couple, every 50th anniversary and every couple undergoing the mundane tasks of living.

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Children's Picture Book Review

Rory The Adventures of a Lion Cub
by Gillian Cullinan
Patsy Smith Roberts (Photographer)
ISBN-10: 0939801094
review by Heather Froeschl

Rory is a young cub, the son of the head of the pride. He longs to be noticed and recognized as a valuable member of the group. He tries to teach himself to roar and encounters a giraffe, monkeys and a leopard while voicing his growls. None are very impressed with him, and he begins to feel badly about himself.

His mother comes to protect him from the leopard and speaks to him about being himself, telling him that it doesnÆt take a loud noise or a big body to be important. She reminds him that the warthog is just as important as the large elephant and that one day he will be big enough to protect the pride. On the way back to the bush she encounters a hyena and fights with it. Rory is scared but yells for his dad, who comes to fight off the beast. He has become a protector after all. His father is proud of him and they practice their roars together.

Within the text we are introduced to several African animals. Just for those wonderful children who want to know more, the end of the book holds a treasure of tidbit facts about those animals, making it easier for parents to answer the questions of why and how.

The beauty of this picture book is in the photographs, taken by Patsy Smith Roberts in Botswana, Africa. Each photo is more enchanting than the last with the text clearly written to coincide with the image. Or vice versa, it all flows so smoothly that one cannot tell which came first. Patsy Smith Roberts and Gillian Cullinan work wonderfully together, bringing us a delightful story that will be sure to become a cherished favorite by children everywhere.

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Historical Fiction Review

The Blows of Fate
by Antoinette Clair
ISBN-10: 1904433049
Review by Heather Froeschl

Lives begin like any others, and are kindled with hope and promise for the future. Only they are not like any other lives. The son of a master confection baker, the son of a master violinist, and the daughter of a master surgeon grow up and become a trio of friends, two of which are destined for deep love. The three show promise of carrying on the family linesàGiuliano is a great singer in the opera, Stephan is apprentice in the bakery and Maria Luisa is to study to become a physician. The war is over and life is going on.

However, post war eastern Europe is not to be a peaceful haven. Under the grip of the communist regime everything is about to change. The bakery is seized ôfor the peopleö, apartments are brutally taken from residents, jobs are lost and people banned from making a living. Some are taken to concentration camps, some just disappear. Stephan and his sister are forced to leave Sofia and their father dies in the hospital. They exist for a short while in a hovel, by the grace of an elderly man. Maria Luisa is taken to a rural area and left to find shelter in a falling down cattle shed with her mother and father. It isnÆt long before her father is taken and killed on the mountain. Giuliano cannot escape Sofia. He must stay and support his parents after his father loses his position. The family is blacklisted, yet they cannot leave.

Somehow the three friends find a way to meet, and a plan is made for escape from Bulgaria. Two of them make good on the plan, while the third is left to uphold responsibility. Over the next 40 years the two will hold tight to their dreams and build on them. They become successful in spite of their cruel past. After 40 years, the communist regime comes to an end and the third is able to finally escape the life he has lived. Will he be able to find his true love? What surprises await him?

Antoinette Clair offers a look into the brutality of political change and an insightful glimpse into life as many lived it. In ôThe Blows of Fateö (2003), her characters are vivid and unforgettable; her story is one you will not soon forget. It is a stirring tale of love, raw beauty, talents and the reality of our dependence on government. Brava!