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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spiritual Fiction Review

Soaring Eagle, Spirit of the Wind
by H. J. Courtright
ISBN-10: 0974486612
Review by Heather Froeschl

A journey of the spirit, three souls play out roles in this book about Shamanism, finding oneself, and helping others. It is a work of fiction based upon real experiences of the author; it is a novella of powerful message and great substance.

Rosalie is a wounded soul. She has never forgiven her parents for dying and she has taken to hurting herself in what seems to be a self destruct mode. She takes a hike with a friend in an effort to recapture her childhood memories at a camp in the woods, only to fall and hit her head in a cave behind the waterfall.

Soaring Eagle is a Shaman. On a spirit journey he witnesses the young woman's dangerous predicament. He is shown that he is needed, and makes his way to the wilderness where her body awaits. There he finds Rosalie's friend, desperate to find help, and she leads him, or rather he leads her, back to the waterfall. They attend to Roasalie's body with blankets and fire, but Soaring Eagle knows that he needs to help her spirit to find its way back.

Rosalie's soul leaves her body and is embraced by the spirit of the falls. The spirit leads her into the spirit world of Akasha and tells her that she must solve the Great Mystery or she will not be able to return to her body. Her task is to collect the four stones of the four corners, ask the cardinal spirits for help after proving her worthiness. Then she must solve the mystery. She must make peace with the dead so that they can move on. She must find herself and allow the child she was to breath again.

Soaring Eagle teaches Rosalie's friend to keep the beat of the drum in support of spiritual journey. He seeks to help Rosalie in the spirit world. With the help of animal guides he is able to do so. Will it be enough to bring Rosalie back to her body? Will the Shaman be successful in his attempt to rescue this lost soul? Will Rosalie accomplish her soulÆs task?

Throughout history and before, Shamans have had the calling to go out into the spirit world. Sometimes it is for guidance for their people, sometimes it is to save the souls of the people themselves. This gift is highly revered, as it should be, but many have forgotten the ways of the Shaman, and need a reminder. H.J. Courtright has provided that reminder in this tale.

A highly descriptive work, it befits the topic and emits a feeling of reverence for it. It is a soul touching book that you will read over and over again.