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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Poetry Review

A Spell Too Far
by Celticscribe
ISBN-10: 0595499937
Review by Heather Froeschl

Blow away life’s troubles like the down of a dandelion and fall under the enchantment of poetry. “A Spell Too Far” by Colleen Avelli and Peter Crossland is a collection not to be missed. With a mystical flair, these two poets entwine their works like the twisting strands of a Celtic knot, creating enticing images to share with their readers.

Mythical creatures inhabit strange places, lords stand in defense, while turning the page brings love in emergence, or love at death’s door. The beautiful reside here, but so does the terrible. With a balance of both there is equilibrium of sensations, and what more could a poetry collection offer? The simple side of life, with precious moments of normalcy, is examined with poetic eye and we look on as it takes flight on gossamer wing. A pirate tale, a broken heart, precious things waiting under the bed, these are topics of this work, admired. My favorites are “The Page of Hearts” in which love is found in many chambers, like a house of mirrors, reflecting the multitude of amore found in a life, and “Broken Glass” in which a soul is shattered by a love turned despair.

These authors reach into the hearts and imaginations of their readers and breathe life into the words. The talent here is twofold, lucky for us. This well rounded offering promises moments of contemplation, exciting adventure, and mystical musings. “A Spell Too Far” is an enchantment to wish for.

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