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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Non-Fiction Self Help Review

Neutralizing the Power of Fear
by Casalnnie O. Henry
ISBN-10: 0595409598
Review by Heather Froeschl

There are some 577 officially named fears that people hold. Of 350 people surveyed, 99% had some kind of fear. From spiders to intimacy, blood to toads and tombstones, there is an official name for the phobia. How can we overcome those odds? Dr. Casalnnie O. Henry has written a book, “Neutralizing the Power of Fear” to help guide the reader.

The information covered in the book is extensive and in-depth. I applaud the amount of research that was done and the references given. Here you can learn the basis of fears and why we develop them is a good place to start; knowing how fear originates in humans is a beginning to understanding, and with understanding comes power. Knowing what fear can do a person physically, mentally, socially and emotionally is like knowing the side effects of medication you might take. So what can be done once the fear is realized? Dr. Henry has much advice. He describes the various approaches to therapy, looks at how society has dealt with fears, and delves deeply into what religions can do for fears. He describes examples of common fears, like rejection, intimacy problems, abuse, self esteem, and more, in precise detail that will hit home for many readers. In many of these examples he gives advice on dealing with them, but here is where this reader had a problem, for some of the advice was to “leave it to God.” I was hoping for practical absolute steps to take, not advice to leave it to a higher power. While the book is excellently written, if not a little overly scholarly for the average reader, it should be known that it is a Christian publication and not just a therapeutic guide. Non-Christians can still gain insight into the fear factor but may be a bit disappointed in the advice for some of them.

This highly qualified individual offers a book to possibly help a good portion of society. It is quite thorough and full of valuable information. Not a light read, it is meant to show readers “how to subdue your fears and make them harmless.” Squash that spider fear and put your mind at ease. I recommend this book to the intended audience.

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